This week in a series of three Vlogs, Dr Anna Hájková explains why it is important to recognise the leading role of women involved in the rescue of Jewish refugees, focusing particularly on the story of Czech Jew  Marie Schmolka.

Photos: courtesy of the Czech National Archive

Marie Schmolka – Female Rescuer

The Flight of Marie Schmolka

Remembering Marie Schmolka

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  • How can you find out about lesser-known rescuers in your region?
  • How can we further recognise the contribution of women to the rescue of refugees?
  • What can we learn from Marie’s story about the importance of collaborating with others to help refugees today?

Dr Anna Hájková is assistant professor of modern European continental history at the University of Warwick. Together with Martin Šmok, she has founded the Marie Schmolka Society. Her manuscript The Last Ghetto: An Everyday history of Theresienstadt, 1941-1945, was awarded both Irma Rosenberg and Herbert Steiner Prizes.

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