Seeking Protection

A blog exploring what we can learn from the experiences of refugees before, during and after the Holocaust – for today


Have you been involved in an educational project or exhibition related to our blog themes? Have you been researching a particular story about the Holocaust and refugees, which deserves to get public attention? Have you used an excellent digital teaching resource that others should know about? Have you overcome particular challenges in your educating context that you could share with others?

Why not write a post for our blog? Your contribution is highly valued as it will help us build a community that shares expertise, experience and feedback. And publishing a piece on our blog will also give you (and your organisation) exposure.

If you are interested in contributing a piece to our blog, please take into account the following guidelines:

  • The Seeking Protection blog covers the following topics: the refugee situation before, during and after the Holocaust, and the link between the current refugee situation and the Holocaust. Your post should relate to at least one of these topics.
  • A post is 500 words or short video of original content (can be more…) and includes at least 3 visual elements: image, video clip, graph. At least one of these elements must be an image. We particularly welcome Vlog (video blog) contributions.
  • We are looking for these types of posts:
    • Review: your professional opinion about a resource or exhibition related to the blog’s topics.
    • Testimonial: your experience as an educator dealing with one of the topics of our blog.
    • Promotional post: you describe an initiative (event, project, publication,…) of your organisation that is relevant to our audience. You can explain the goals and expectations of the initiative, the results, insight into a resource created, your personal experience with this initiative, challenges you faced, etc.
  • We try to avoid:
    • Any resources, websites, events, etc. that have been covered on our blog before
    • Content published as is, before
    • Narratives without links to educational resources or practice
    • And of course anything that is offensive or inaccurate
  • The author of the guest post takes responsibility to respond to comments on the piece. We expect the author to actively monitor and respond to comments for a period of at least five days after the post is published.
  • Submissions will be evaluated by the IHRA Blog Team and it is possible that we will suggest amendments. We will not publish any adjustments without your approval.
  • How to submit your post:
    • Please email your initial proposal for a guest post to with the following:
      • The title of your blog post
      • A summary of the narrative content
      • What you will include, i.e. text and images, video etc.
      • Short author bio
      • A realistic deadline for submission of the completed blog post
  • Final posts should be submitted as follows:
    • text in a word document or video as .mpeg or .avi file.
    • A list of three questions to address to our readers, related to your topic
    • Links to relevant online resources (3-5)
    • Image files in a separate folder
    • Short author bio with photograph including any social media handles
  • When approved, we will respond to let you know your contribution will be published. This process may take up to two weeks.

We are looking forward to your contribution!

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